The One and Only

What started out

as this backwards look or glance

the girl turned to inspect

the room full of strangers.

It didn’t take much

to take particular notice

the girl had a certain look

with eyes all dreamy

meant she’d soon be in love.

Love stopped all rational thought.

Stuck now, with her in mind

over and again

these first time chances

don’t come all that often.

Who would of imagined

the girl was a champion lover,

this perfect little start

so beautifully buried in my mind.

Her strength, it is in her knowing

the balance between the give and take

the transition between need to want.

She and her instincts, always there

laying lasting hands all over the surface

soothing our common flaws.

These are our sensitive desires

giving flawlessly to all other demands.

She doesn’t mind playing, in fact,

she performs with a hint of seduction.

The girl and her amazing charms

always there as a blessed reminder

she draws you in to watch

the way her hips move and sway

against the envious eyes of the others.

There is this wall closed-in around her,

she wants just one in there

to help set up and guard

the shimmering temple doors.

Good news, she’s ready for us to hear

the playlist that marks her mood.

She’s offering up the hours

so time can start to count,

this night is permanently marked

impossible now, to remove her

from all working memory.

She’s the trigger mark

to this heavily guarded gun of hers.

To pray at her favorite altar

folded hands in a favorable position,

hands, that ask for a single season.

We beg and still, she listens,

quietly keeping her cryptic answers

strictly to this beautiful whisper.

Accidental glances are all over her

eyes fall in and out of favor

and with perfect timing

her mouth asks to be kissed.

She wants more of the attention now,

inching closer with an invitation

her perfume has this affect

that permanently stamps memory

effectively rendering her

the one and only

from this moment forward.

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