The girl with conversation

ammunition coming from

her sweet meritless tongue.

She freely speaks

with this sexy attitude

where there are no limits

something that obviously

draws and attracts me in.

I’m her blind stranger

retelling a lifetime of memories

I make her laugh

I’m afraid to admit

she has me in her aim.

This is not about love

I’ve already fallen from

my high and righteous place.

I’ve already settled on this

the prettiest one,

the one who refuses

to say those usual words.

Those most basic of terms

that everyone else

so loosely throws away.

I’m tempted

to turn in on myself

and never type another word.

Maybe then

my inner voice

wouldn’t betray me

to the one

I’m hiding from

here on the outside

of this social world.

I could trust and believe

all my fucked up stories

buried here inside.

Accept me to be your fool

not the beautiful one

who everyone instantly loves.

I promise I’ll keep perfect count

keeping an exact and accurate

record of my time here.

I was recently asked

to come join this one,

this other kind of girl,

someone I’ve never thought

of considering before

still, these first times

are meant to be

tried and tested

I accepted the date.

I’m late now because

the beautiful one

wants my words

to be exclusively hers.

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