This Time of Year

Slowly coming in

the cold air

is finally here.

I’m careful now

crawling up against

her soft textured skin.

This girl

and her kind of love

I’ve never felt before,

she’s the one.

This girl,

and all her romantic charms

she slinks up close

asks me to pretend

with every kiss,

she swears,

she’s exclusively mine.

The cost of loving

this time of year

when it’s so frigidly cold outside

this is the heavy price.

She wants some exclusive time,

this time, I can’t

get enough of her,

I pull her in

next to me and mine.

She promises, love,

with velvet little touches

she crawls underneath my skin.

Pin pricks to my attentive skin.

I feel small

curled up next to her

I’m drawn to her sex.

Let it go

let me warm my hands

she swears and promises,

I’ll get all hard

to go ahead and use her words

to get myself off.

She pushes up closer

the truth is this thin layer

close between us

she threatens me

I’d better let her in.

It’s no use, really,

living here

buried in her palm.

The girl squeezes tightly

I turn and pucker up

she twists even harder still,

be careful who you let in

from the cold air

this time of year.

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