Every Touch

Each and every time

she twists and turns the key

I seem to always open up

and let her in.

The truth in her,

she wants to be closer

a true part of my skin

she’s just not satisfied until

we’re both underneath

sharing the same things.

Love’s decay,

holds on to me tightly

and I pray that this night

never ends because

we fit hand in glove.

I’ve cursed the jealous sun

to stay away,

leave me to my flooded night

leave me to my dysfunction.

Leave me alone in the dark,

just me and the girl

and our playlists.

I don’t expect to keep her forever

the cost for her attention

will bury me in debt

I can barely afford

the weight of always giving in,

it’s just easier,

giving up instead.

Love is the truth

I wish to avoid

I can’t take another

one of her breakups.

These physical nights

are more than enough

to satisfy the erotic Gods.

Defenseless to every kiss

every touch pushes me back

and backwards I freely fall

each and every time.

I’m unprotected

completely exposed

to the brokenness

she holds over me.

This fragile sorry side

the dominance is woefully blind

especially when

the girl is this soft.

Starting with the gentle knock,

her wanting look,

coming at my door

the night floods

underneath this super close girl.

She whispers,

demands to be let in

no sooner is the lock undone

she jumps in my arms

settles in and

takes her rightful place.

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