Count Me In

To count every lock,
every obstacle of time
one can only imagine
the time it takes
to wander aimlessly around
trying to choose the exact key.
Are our first choices
always the best to consider
or should we wait
for a different answer?
The longevity of time
seems so impossible at times
especially when a handful of years
has gone quietly by.
Each lock has its own design
the tumblers are there to protect,
certain things are meant to be kept
away from the public eye.
Until that certain someone
comes and demands the key
refuse and they’ll pick that lock
what was once sealed and protected
is soon set free in their hands.
Unguarded to the truth,
it was an easy wish to ask
if I could see her later
I can’t seem to wait
just a couple of hours
before that pent up ache
has no else to bother.
She hates to admit
my lock and key analogy
has a hint of truth
because she, has the wanting monster
buried deep in her as well.
Her box is just as equally locked
she refuses to hand over the key
not until I have love in my eyes.
Only then will she concede the truth.
Neither of us want to love,
I try and explain
this kind of way,
we choose to keep things guarded
instead of free and open
life is less complicated.
It wasn’t until
that want inside
changed our minds
by reworking our agreement,
and from behind our backs
in that instant,
we were infected.
We knew we had no other choice
the fever was too much
I could easily spend hours
memorizing all her amazing flaws.
Anchored now to this girl
I can’t seem to move
with all the doors unlocked
she has the same condition
now at the point of giving up,
count me in,
because she’s still beautiful.
She asked to insert the words
sitting deep inside
this sickness goes both ways
she stopped hiding her symptoms
up close in her secret room.
Of course we’d break protocol
never thinking we’d ever get this way
from our casual kissing
to public love making.
The truth is,
we’d freely infect the others
if they dare get too close
and try to stop this virus
we’ve been warned of the dangers,
but still,
Count me in.

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