When time was limited

we rushed and hurried

forgetting all our little sayings.

When we were in such a rush

we let the hours pass,

however, we need to hurry up

feel and then say all those things,

say what loving meant to us.

The anger and hurt were there,

just the same too,

when time was limited

we weren’t always so good at

picking the best things to say.

Oh but today,

we have so much more to give

to be grateful for as we celebrate

the days that were just ours

to give away as we felt.

Come tomorrow,

we won’t need to explain

how all this came about

we’ll just show our pictures

the summer memories

when our bellies ached

stuffed full of laughter.

We played each night,

our room majestically decorated

underneath the soft flickering lights.

Yesterday when we were rushed

we never had time for

those intentional looks

I can remember reaching for you

softly from behind

only you knew I was squeezing.

It’s terrible to think

we’ve just one hour left

to say our goodbyes

how can one say anything

when our throats are this choked up?

If you don’t mind

we can sit and stare at each other

until our limited time

is up, my love


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