There are counting flaws,

we all see different patterns

here in the everyday objects.

Still, something surround us.

From a young age

we’ve all been taught

to be careful

please do not

touch or disturb

certain surfaces.

It’s crazy to think tonight

love sits in the balance

some will freely fall,

while others will hang on

with a death grip.

Falling in love

is a positive diagnosis

it can take hold at any time

and strangle the best of us.

This fast spreading virus

a contagion that cant be stopped

jumping over our barriers

missing and or skipping the rest.

Empty are the looks

still searching for their person,

there are ones

who simply refuse to look

for they have already tested positive.

It’s hard to share a kiss,

but still, some of us

really don’t have that choice

we love how we feel

embracing the love inside ourselves.

With both arms spread out open

we rip off our masks

inviting the fever to infect

with a deep inhale

that crushing feeling

some see as reckless

fills every part of our being.

The fever has taken hold,

just as the next level starts

the losing of out stomachs

when that one person of yours

walks in the room

a nervous excitement.

Count me as one of those

who have been exposed,

I know the clock is ticking

there is only so much time

this time though,

I promise I won’t

love anyone else,

but you.

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