A Templed Relationship

The temple steps
she’s my one and only
the sun is at its highest
so excited to spend time with her
we are wearing all white
everything was revealed
bronzed and honied shoulders glisten
the hours we spent outside.
Kneeling in prayer now
we love in equal measure
as if,
doubt sometimes creeps in
someone were actually listening
the focus is on her.
Love and that attention
it’s a drug to be close to her
coming from you
she has to instigate the connection
I’ve come to adore.
Wanting all parts of her
here on broken knees to palms
there are flaws in everything
I repeat my words
the poetry is just a part of us
my armed weapons
how I see the world
spread out on full display
I want to be free to do whatever.
The well traveled temple floor
there are many years between us
gone is the story it told
that unsure newness
with its mosaic pattern
she talks in rhythm
long since faded away
time could be running out.
The holes in the roof
we aren’t all that picky
exposed by an afternoon rain,
there’s something about nature
still, we quietly gather
our spooning position
others join
talking late into the night.
Let the cleansing start
where we jump and enter each other
a sweet melody begins
bodies working together
everything is in rhythm
that moment when we release
we stay frozen in that position.

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