Epic Return

There on the bathroom floor
one can clearly count
the hours spent
heaped up in piles.
Obviously, she loves
more than most,
even if,
she’s always in a hurry
to run and disappear.
I’m not sure her love
that’s so strewn about
will ever be enough,
but I guess I remind her
of every time
she’s truly ever felt alive.
Like last night,
her epic return
she and her softness
hard to describe or discern
just how securely
she’s buried firmly
under my dutiful skin.
I’m infected I suppose
sure to show symptoms
any day now.
I’ll be going down.
We just had to stay up late
and catch up
on all the lost time.
This time though,
she calls me lover
and out of duty
I promptly answer
“yes baby. ”
She heard the counting
my wanting hours
struggling here within me
and oh how I begged
while dragging my thoughts
to a dark place.
The beauty in our tragic romance
my beloved and her looks,
she begs,
she knows how to use
the trigger words
on me.
This should mean
I shouldn’t kiss and bite
her exposed shoulders
she’s a woman after all
who is technically
my one and only
true love.

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