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Following You

Connect the electrical cord

to the base of my wrists

you could flip the switch

whenever you wanted to

give me the shock of my life.

I prefer to wear Tom Ford

me and my manageable look

I’ve been chasing for years now.

There’s always someone

chasing right along side me

I could never have imagined

the devotion of strangers

faithfully following my words.

I want you all to know

I’m faithful to yours too.

Our lives twist and tangle

there are some of you

I wish I knew better

because the devotion you share

has meant the world to me.

You’re my one true inspiration now,

here where the darkness plays

it never mattered to me before

writing, before falling asleep alone.

I would hate for you

to think I weren’t grateful

giving me your undivided attention,

there’s something about capturing

that keeps me counting on you.

I come with all the love I can gather

trust me when I say

I’m stronger because of you.


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