In Isolation

The romance in chasing
my one and only
real true love,
even as sick as that must sound
I can’t help but notice
the eyes of certain strangers
draw me in, but it’s no use really
I can’t stay with them
when I’m this infected.
I swear I’ll keep on writing
no matter how long
you keep ignoring me.
From that first moment
when I touched
that sacred little place of yours
and set your head spinning
it’s easy to see why
you can never change your plans.
Close your eyes,
just this once,
alongside mine
so that together,
we can remember
our childhood homes.
Oh how different we were raised,
if only they could see us now
what a laugh.
The ones who said
we’d never last
even though right now
you’re not talking to me,
maybe someday,
you’ll come around
to your guarded senses
so that we can finish
what we started
before some random virus
had us isolated
in the wrong arms
of another again.

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