Quarantined Syllables

You promised
and said
I never would
have to worry love,
yet here I am
playing with
I wish I could
just start over,
it’s just,
I never would
I am in love
with just you.
My one
and only one
has me
thinking again
I never would
be left here again.
I can only think of
how it was
when you promised
you’d never leave
I’m here because
I’m cold
in a tub
thinking of
another time
when we clearly
made love.
Love that was
drawn out
in your eyes,
we were
a pretty match.
Sure we are
a little blind,
I mean
I promised you
after all,
I would give
all my words
on a flash drive.
They’re ready
whenever it is
you ask me
to stop writing
all my words
down for you.
All I ask
don’t quarantine
all my words
before we can
make love
once again.
Clearly love,
I can go on
like this
for centuries
while I’m
waiting on
to catch up
to me.

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