Love Drawn Design

There is this side
drawn up inside
deep in the belly in all of us.
Who amongst us
can truly choose or decide
just hot much love
they’re willing to divide?
Can we separate ourselves
from our-selves?
This might be a play on words
you can decide for yourself,
but first, you must trust
that the voice inside yourself,
that one that is mostly ignored,
is allowed to be itself, unrehearsed.
Can you truly stop your mind
from constantly thinking
about that thirst
in that first kiss?
Always remember there is but one,
that soul searcher
who touched something inside us.
This feeling can happen just once,
and only once because,
there’s never enough love
to go around in this life.
Yes, we may convince ourselves
that this other has replaced the one,
but it’s no use really
see we are pre-programmed
and have been
since birth.
So when you love
make sure
they are capable
to love in return.

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