Taste the change with me,
call me Daddy,
if you like
being treated like a baby girl.
If that’s something
you want to feel
swear alongside me
we can look at the television
and dream of other people
making fun of their vanilla houses.
Come home and undress
put on your tightest fitting leather
I’ll grab the whip and leash
we can pretend
all night if you want
we’re from other places
forcefully kissing lips
hands to each others throats
squeeze the life out of me
I’m completely yours already.
My handsome lover,
beautiful in just a bra and panties
turn and hand over that pillow
loving on you
face to face
being physical at a price
ask permission
ask to beg
with just your eyes.
Like this Daddy?
Lift up your hips
to embrace the thrust
squeeze the pleasure.
Making love
with my lover
over the phone
words can be sloppy
grammar cues don’t matter
not when we’re in this place
you arch and turn
to look into the face
of the one
you secretly love.

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