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Love in A Day

It started out
at 9am
head over heels
in love with her.
I couldn’t control it then
just a pretty smell
her perfumed scent
I devoured her beauty
it was just enough
to send me
head over heels in love with her,
sadly though,
by noon I forgot to look
she wasn’t stopping by
my window.
I was falling out of love with her
by that afternoon
I was eating lunch alone
having no one but
myself to blame
So that by 5pm
I was truly on my own again.
Love in a day
I still want to be with her
it all goes away
so quickly without her.
I will not have to look
around the corner
beauty does not exist
it’s time for bed
still each night,
at this hour,
I whisper her name
hoping she’ll meet me again
at 9am.


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