Bluest Wings

The bluest wings
her eyes sparkle and shine
maybe I’ve always belonged here
after all
I am the first one
to lay lyric after lyric
deep in the belly of her arms.
She’s addicted
to the godforsaken words
written in her favorite books.
I try and keep up
taking notice
of where her eyes turn.
I’m so into her
there is no excuse, I’m blind
and have been this way
since birth.
I only want tiny things
next to the girl who forgets
she can’t quite remember why
today is all I have with her.
I serve her as if,
she were the one and only Queen
like the mold was
crushed and melted.
Still, there’s been no one
since her.
When she sat right there
high up on her throne
she was all mine.
Love balances and plays
she swears she’s never sworn before
I can’t help but think that
she’s lying and
I can’t tell the difference.
Perhaps my words
aren’t mine anymore,
they belong to all of you,
but most of all,
they’re dripping of her.
I wanted to write of blue wings
but the girl ended up
getting tangled in the net
I’m not sure
who’s the fragile bird anymore?
She takes up a good amount space
and just as equally,
she complains when I don’t write.
Something about the puzzle
I keep tucked and hidden inside
so the world won’t judge too harshly.
Yesterday didn’t happen because
there’s something wrong in her,
she’s fragile,
it couldn’t be any other way
I want her this way.
Love was an accidental overdose,
she didn’t mean,
to load that much of the drug
square into my veins.
All I can remember
was staring in her eyes
and repeating the same thing
over and over
those were the bluest wings
I’d ever seen.

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