I walk on this tightrope
a wire stretched dangerously thin
at any second it could break.
I understand that’s why
there are so many onlookers
it’s easier to sell tragedy
there’s more to show
just keep a clean distance apart.
Our new world
changed us overnight
I brought my mouth
up to his
and he kissed me fully,
almost as if,
he knew my weaknesses.
There on the edge
I’m drawn to the twisted
the ones who need
instead of want.
Down on all fours
crawling in an already swept floor
I look at her,
she admonishes me
for not paying attention
to him.
I ask and he forgives
there is this absolute silence
and yet, the music is so loud
I can’t quite hear what he said.
Waiting for my turn arise
those in front of me
quietly move to him
it’s finally my turn
to lift my chin
take him in my mouth.
I repeat this thing in my head
I obey and follow the rules
kneeling on a cushioned floor
I take my time with him.
She tugs at my arm
are ready to go?
I stand,
to look him in the eyes,
thank him,
and then leave the church.

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