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A Kiss in the Rain

Over there in the rain
the girl was pinned
properly of course,
against coarse fence boards
being kissed hard like this,
as if, this was her one and only chance.
Temptation poured down over them
against a late night hour
before the end of a shift.
Headlights never mattered
they were blind to the outside world
love’s broken grasp begs
for a shooting star to save them.
A wish wished and handed over
this was their first time
to be held captive in time.
This quarantine blocks them now
each of them remember differently,
they can’t clear their minds,
oh but love has moved on
they’re tired of being tortured.
One of them came up with a plan
to escape their confines
and kiss again against the tough boards.
The want in the girl
has been unbearable
for weeks now
ever since she was told
to stay six feet away from everyone.
Touch taken for granted
down on all the other wet days
tonight it’s scheduled to rain
she’ll stare out the window at a fence
pretending her lover
will meet her there
pinning her shoulders
properly of course
so they can kiss
in the rain again.


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