Beauty Star

There are very few
that are as colorful as you, sure,
we could try and scrub it off
it’s no use really
we’d only make your skin raw.
Yesterday when we were quarantined
we laid in the tub, celebrating,
our entangled body parts
were a site to enjoy.
It was easy enough though
to naturally love on you this way,
I’m the only one
allowed to see you naked, truthfully,
I can’t stop staring
fuck, the hours it must take.
Flawed curves and all
pull and draw me down
under the surface
where this part of me
is as equally exposed.
Each time I write
trying to make this set of words,
just as pretty,
as the ones I’ve left behind.
You’re the beauty star afterall
with all the admirers
I’m here to simply
write it all down.
Midnight and its darkness
trying to catch me,
as I stare at you.
It’s no use really because
there are too many mirrors,
so that every time I look
I’m caught by you.
That sideways stare,
I’d concede
she’s the only one
I would want to jump and fall on,
sure you’re special too,
just keep in mind
I’d make a mess of you
depending on
how we’d land.

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