Strings and Chains

Even if I were the one
diagnosed with something epic,
instead of a girl in Hawaii
I guess I’d still ask
if you wanted to write to me
for however long
it took me to rearrange my life.
Today I guess I’m ready
to listen to your diagnosis
I’ll probably stop you
50 times or more.
I’m telling you now
I’m not going to take the news
with the grace and dignity
you want to hear.
I’m going to lash out with anger
how could you?
It’s not going to be all pretty
still, technically
Im processing.
Our one and only rule
that no crying thing
still stands, because I can’t today
break into a bunch of little pieces.
Maybe it’s therapeutic
we talk about the diagnosis
the treatment plan
the drugs you’ll take
and then be alone inside your head.
For the past year and a half
you’ve made it
to witness a virus
that changes the tables
and puts us
in your position.
We cover our faces in public
afraid of the dreaded germs
if we get this
and you survive
I’m smiling!
The beauty in life
we never know
when change is going to happen.
I think it’s time
you take up the mantle
help us get through this quarantine
putting everything back to normal
maybe tomorrow
we could talk about that diagnosis.

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