I Can’t Say a Word

A twisted thought of hers
just let the softness come in
let the skin to skin properties
bury the feelings we try and hide.
From the start
she walked in a way
that meant something else,
a heavy pulse breathing
finding it hard to swallow
the girl I’m sure meant well
if only she knew
what it meant to use up all the breathing space.
It’s getting hard
trying to push her
out of working memory
like some tidal wave
she has completely enveloped my world.
Under the bend of water
looking up at an upside down wave
it’s impossible to know exactly where
I stand with her.
For now, I wait for the night
she seems to come around
when there are shadows to help her hide.
There’s nothing special about most things,
that’s true until, she walks in
I can’t help but give notice.
Captive and bound by this torture device
my eyes betray my weakness,
she sees this struggle in me,
I hate having her read me
so completely from day to day.
I swear there’s nothing more perfect
than the grip this girl has
first convincing me to lay down
so she can place a hand
to keep me from
screaming for help.

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