Blind Witness

There is thirst this hour
and I’m already craving her
everyday there is this challenge
to leave things in a way,
that suggest,
we were never really here
in the first place.
Falling down
on broken knees to palms
I wouldn’t mind
if she were down
on all fours
always trying to look up
asking how she can help.
Having been left
already passed by
there’s something better
knocking at my door.
That someone else
has been here for years
trying to slip in
wanting to give what I deserve
keep your head up
you deserve more of this
flooded attention of hers.
Don’t mention it love
equal assets are shared equally
she brings that softness
almost too close.
The curves touch and tease
with heavily buried kisses,
forgive almost as if,
this was her first time
she was sharing.
This is the moment
that keeps the trigger focused
and just asI turn to breathe
she grabs and takes hold
I’m her blind witness
swearing to do exactly
as she’s instructed.

5 responses to “Blind Witness”

  1. Unbeknownst to you I posted a quick story of our story for this site. I removed because I didn’t want you getting upset, thus breaking our first rule. Like I tell anyone who will listen, “We will have poetry in our lives.” Thank you for reading

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