A Thousand Hours

The beautiful edges
keep the heartache
from eroding away
what’s playing in my head,
what’s playing inside again.
Yesterday was
perfect for you because
your arms were wide open.
Thoughtful songs
sung well into the night
love seems to never give up
love never gets old
even as people complain
at this late night hour
shut up, keep it down.
They’ve never seen this before
so blind and out of focus
each day the ache starts anew
mirrors try hard to reflect
exactly what it is I feel,
when I felt.
I don’t expect them to remember or
shine quite how they used to when
we’d wake early hoping
for that blessed moment
where I’d see you stealing
a tiny glance
out the window
where we used to watch the rain
for a thousand hours
on most days
we laid here
deep in the belly of each others arms.
You have a way digging
burrowing in to my skin
I have missed out
on all the hours
frozen minutes sit in puddles now.
The afternoon storms have moved on
the ground sits soaked.
Everyone everywhere is soaking
my coverup, I don’t need to mention
why my edges are well enough alone,
tonight the sky softly spins
I can’t wait for the rain
it’ll take a thousand hours
to come and wash away
this tepid ache
I hold for you.

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