Counting backwards
keeping to the numbers
we promised we’d memorize.
Protected and guarded
she nudges to be by my side
I secretly grab ahold of her
and tug her into position
long before peering eyes ever notice.
The summer heat is the change
that is almost upon us,
she is a reminder of myself
of how I used to be
looking straight ahead and forward
in love with the sunsets.
Closed mouth, paying close attention,
I’m memorizing her favorite words
she knows how to melt sugar
with her backwards glance.
She’s drawn to the intellectual
her walls are closed and encircled.
I’ve begged for centuries,
just give me the last combination
I have been waiting here
just to defend her
with every part of my being.
Eyes look up into eyes
she can’t remember
the last time that’s happened.
Her wanting aches
just don’t remind her of love, please.
The truth is at her grounded core
you get only one chance
to try and impress her
it was a lifetime ago
when the forever and ever after
truly ever mattered.
She wants this new plan
not to be flawed,
she crawls and asks for attention
to come lay and teach her the lessons.
All innocent and demure
she’s a true powerhouse
her eyes aren’t the same as the rest
they remind me of yesterday
when breaking was a laughable joke.
The future is about today though,
she has reached out
like nothing has ever changed,
just the same now,
I’ll make sure
to answer all her questions
her wrists bound in leather
tied properly of course
her pulse quickens
she asks,
“Sir, when are my lessons?”

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