My Flawless Memory

With everyday lining up
unlike all the rest
I warned there would be limits.
Tomorrow I’ll take her
to a private sandy place,
an ancient dune perhaps
where I’ll read to her
from my favorite book.
I can already anticipate
her excitement
from underneath a blanket,
she’ll remove her top,
she loves watching my eyes light up.
With faith on her side
the power to control me
I’ll read her things from my diary,
my solitary hateful things,
nervous that love
will one day take over
seriously, without this girl
I would have a half filled life
void of certain memories
triggered by her perfumed scent.
My hands disappear
under the blankets
her nakedness grows,
she expects I lay perfectly still
to continue reading my words
no matter the distraction.
Fully engulfed,
my boy-like cheeks burn
back at grade school thinking of
the naughty things
in the back of the church
she touched back then.
Still, the weather grows
it’s cold and her shoulders are exposed
the other people on the trail
can see her upturned ample chin
staring directly down at me.
I push and smother all of her
careful to uncover her breasts
a scooped up handful
the sand is squeezed between our toes,
she laughs at my nervousness.
Her liberating smile engulfs us both,
the sun so high over head
I take hold of her hips
she presses downward as if,
she wants her saddle ride again.
Her hair falls loosely
those accidental curls
across her delicate shoulders
and I can’t help but,
kiss her squarely on her full mouth.
That kiss has to be perfectly placed
firm but very softly though
I pull back to suggest
we’re going to take our time
this time, unlike all the rest
we blow through the mood.
I try and convince her
these moments can be fleeting
there could come a day
where I’d be reciting these episodes
strictly from memory
she’d be in the arms
of someone all together different.
She laughs and tells me
to keep reading.

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