Hurry Please

Interwoven tightly spun fabric
hangs loosely on the edges
papers that support us
are strewn all over the place
like we don’t care anymore.
We were so careful then
pretending we had this perfect place.
I couldn’t help but miss her,
got in the way
and of course there was this
agreeable aggression
pinning our shoulders down
against the sex tonight.
Attention showers down
the curves and the hours it takes
to perfect those perfect muscles.
The sun has passed
no more jealous eyes
pointing out our mistakes
the equity we reinvest
a new swing and pillow
to heighten our love-making.
The edges come even stronger now.
The girl and her skin routine,
hurry please, there are no
interruptions for this.
The workout is always the same
she hangs from around my neck
we swear in full darkness
because we only need the light
coming from
a single candle
to perform what we need to do.
Buried in our room
under a weeks worth of clothes
that lay strewn about
adding to our chaotic mood.
Shadows fight to form together
her body sways
she’s up in the music
eyes a thousand miles away.
Hurry please, time is almost up.
The jealous sky with no patience
is on the verge
of making this dramatic sun-rise,
she rolls her eyes,
annoyed by the morning sky
accompanied by these birds
showing off singing this
fucked up melody.
For now though,
the sky is unavailable
she’s busy on all fours
counting the minutes
hurry please.

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