Too Delicate

Working on and against the minutes
she battles to stay afloat
wanting to lay down like yesterday
long before there were little ones.
She finds herself too tired again
she’s waited throughout the day
trying to keep herself busy
and in her own way
where she’s free to roam
half dressed or otherwise.
Most days it’s a celebration, but
her impossible reality,
it’s getting harder and harder to live in.
She tries to settle and
wrap her mind around the news
she’s probably not
getting through this one.
Still, she has her little triumphs
she looks at the clock
time is outstretched and wanting
waiting on the very last piece of her
she tries to lay down and collapse,
but her eyes stay awake.
She can’t help but reread these words
the divine hasn’t changed,
I can only see her through these eyes
half dressed or otherwise,
she’s still this amazing woman
I can see her curled on her side
fighting sleep to decipher words.
It’s alwsys my hope
She closes her phone with a smile
these are our greatest moments,
the ones no one sees.
We can easily find ourselves
in and out of every excuse
she’ll eventually ask for help
in her very stubborn way.
After all, she’s the one
with an anxious tepid mood
pressuring us to never take any chances.
The blood rushes back
it’s always exciting
to wake and see her here
nothing is ever the same or routine.
Now that tonight is warm again
she pushes her way inside
trying to quietly rest,
even if it means climbing in a pocket.
Settling on the tiniest pillow
she places her warm palms in his
he’s careful not to squeeze too tightly
she’s a precious flower now,
too delicate,
to simply go to bed.

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