Where Are Your Words?

There on top of a treasure

sat my most prized possession.

I can catch myself

staring into trouble,

the girl and her charms

demand my time and attention

are exclusively hers.

She’s free to push whatever button,

as long as she agrees, to care.

Not carry my temperamental mood

neatly in her side pocket.

We work on syllables, remember

that tone and focus

we play with certain words,

and by that I mean,

we all have our triggers.

Trained and taught how

to release that toe curling wave

while on her saddle,

but only if,

the words have been

properly worked on of course.

So exactly where have my words been?

Today she put her foot down

demanded I get back to this,

the puzzle pictures,

where she’s handsomely predicted.

Oh what have I created?

I can only whisper

today started with beauty

way up high

all excited and in a mood,

so here I am

writing of course.

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