She asks

Time and attention beliefs,
she asks, can you follow all of my commands?
He stumbles forward into place,
she undoes that one specific clasp,
she asks, do I need to remind you
always keep up with the duty at hand.
She quickly jerked him in place,
now on all fours,
she squared her 2 point stance
instructing him to the mark.
Just as quick as all this started
she asks, do you want to continue?
Of course.
That probably wasn’t necessary
a simple nod would of sufficed.
New mistakes are bound to happen,
however new, she still wanted this one
to be stripped of all masculine trace.
Squatting between her highest heels
she reminds him of his place
words don’t come from pets,
she put his nose in his puddled mistake.
Punishing the newness out of him.
Joy in this exotic place
he tested with a passing glance
there in her rich melodic room
she tensed at his intrusion.
She snapped his focus into place
correcting with a stiffened leash.
Her curt and tightly pierced words
keep me from your sight
she asks, is this understood?

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