The ‘Jo Project’

Early October 2018 my good friend Jo was diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer. The mass in her is currently inoperable, which means chemotherapy is the option.

This is Jo’s 2nd attempt at fighting breast cancer, just this time all treatment options are limited. Jo works full time teaching in Hawaii, because of contract rules with the school district she is not eligible for paid leave. Her two children depend on her and so she works to support them.

Jo and I met in an Excite Chat room called ” The Poetry Cafe” in 1995 when computers and posting were in their infancy. In addition to Jo, I also want to thank Eyesofblue and ViolentFemme for following my words from that cafe for the past 25 years. All of us have shared poetry and a friendship.

I promised Jo I’d ‘write a poem a day’ to help distract from the treatments.

I want to encourage My little fighter in Hawaii to get through this newest round. Listen, we still have much to discuss and as promised I’ll write a poem a day until you’re in remission.

With love,


10 responses to “The ‘Jo Project’”

  1. Oh dear, no apologies please. I’m sorry for no replying sooner myself. I just unplugged technology for a week. I hope you are doing better dear. Also in my thoughts and prayers. 💗💛💙

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  2. Thank you kindly, eob. You are spot on. I am enveloped within the love of many, and there are many warriors who are standing guard. I appreciate your thoughtful sentiments and will hold it close. Always, Jo

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  3. Jo you are a warrior princess,
    this is just another battle for
    you to overcome. Your shield
    is the love that others give to you.
    They are your knights of hearts, for you, they stand faithfully beside you. Your sword is the inner strength you have always had to wield.
    Sending you my respect and affection. I pray and bid you well

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