Modern Love

The beauty code erupted inside
a locking sequence had engaged
she swore she’d never feel this way
there on the edge brokenness
she wasn’t so beautiful then
keeping her toes face forward
whatever was inside
would most likely pass.
Everything else always did.
She briefly looked into a mirror,
still as pretty as ever,
just not on the inside
the others had left their marks.
I don’t want to ask
what’s coming next,
she often repeated to herself.
Today she’ll ask,
for this person to take a step back,
otherwise she’ll have no other choice,
but to go all silent again.
Our perfect ghost
in isolation now
takes nothing for chance or granted.
So today when she awoke
with a million questions
oh how could this have happened?
Someone had gotten under her defenses.
Now against a thousand blinks and sighs
Juliana inched up to her window
and with a half guarded smile,
she mouthed,
Roman go away!
If my brothers find you,
they will kill you!
The fool looked into her eyes
and said his most famous phrase,
Doubt the stars are fire
Doubt the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
Never doubt thy love.
Oh you are a fool
Hurry, I can see them!
Juliana ordered back into her room
there was a plagued virus outside
which meant everyone
was in self-quarantine.
She mouthed,
I’ll doubt everything,
I’ll doubt love is a lie.
Take back your sun and stars
it won’t work this time.

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