Time Goes Against Time

There are words,
and then there are other words.
Time is about to break again
time will go against time
and not be my friend.
I’ll find myself on the other side,
hiccup crying or otherwise
lost somewhere in my throat
choking on a devastated memory.
This ugliness has shown its face before.
I am not ready for hurt to injure,
nor console my broken emptiness
there are words
and there are other words.
This is a love of devotion
born in the moment
the simple act of seeing someone.
The excitement and thrill
causing the heart to quicken
blood enriches the body
a pure and ecstatic joy
this is that kind of love.
Unquestionable without waiver
there is this constant longing
that never leaves or says goodbye.
There are words,
and there are other words.
This pure trust is our strongest guide,
always making sure we protect
to fiercely guard with our lives.
We pour ourselves fully
we know only how to give completely,
and when we are empty
by our truest nature
we draw on that love
that fills our insides.
Today, when time
goes against time
I’ll clutch and hold on to
a memory.

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