Black Man

Time and attention collide
from the filthy streets
an innocent man was murdered.
Still, police on horseback
those poor horses
thrust into our violence.
Under the weight of a curfew
we’ve got minutes to decide
if we’ll pull up with our white peers.
There on the edge,
words are smashed in our faces
windows exploded on tv
the ratings are getting higher.
So we decide to join the protest.
That black man shouldn’t of died
we needed to be outside
twisting our way inside
underneath all the glassless windows.
The smell of burning wood and tear gas
we tried to protect our eyes
it was no use really
we didn’t have one of those fancy masks
that all the police are using.
We watched our televisions explode,
the violence was real,
we were taking as much as one could grab
no one dare stop us from looting.
Keep your eyes down,
we kept silent
there’s nothing like free stealing
the frantic chaos
was almost out of control.
Everyone in our neighborhood
out taking advantage
the moment that black man was murdered.
The hour is late, no one cares
we’ve been instructed to stay inside
the riots on tv have just started
let’s sit with some popcorn
watch the world unravel.
The tense tension can’t be described,
the loose hour on this night
is unlike at any time before.
Our attention is torn and drawn
we can’t help but stare at our phones
friends are begging us
to come join them protest
with a wink and a nod.

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