Attention’s Kick

In this, the one and precious hour
there seems to be this one
who thrives on a glorious drug
the want and need of attention.
There is nothing more divine
than to have everyone at your side
thinking that this is the precious hour,
the blessed final one.
I beg to beg differently,
calling out this selfish need and want.
A blinding defenseless light
shines in all our eyes
so when one begs for our attention
we are too blind to question why.
So even on this day,
when good news was afoot,
everything crumbled,
such news wasn’t about suffering or
a more serious time limit.
The news the rest of us would want
meant our attention
would sorely be missed.
Make no mistake,
these words may make little sense,
but on a day when the mass
had its density and size shrink
shouldn’t we have celebrated?
Devastated instead,
because a procedure was canceled
the answers from such a prick
meant she’ll have to wait for answers,
but we’ll line up like we always do
and pour our attention
so desperately out.

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