I Agree to Quarantine

It seems so serious
this need you hold for me.
To get inside and knock me back
a dramatic life threatening fever,
the loss of taste
my goodness my skin is oh so flush.
Without excess energy
I suddenly find myself
in a hurry to cover up.
Breathless almost out of breath
the number of infected
keeps getting worse,
I wonder if,
you have this affect
on everyone you’ve ever met?
I agree to quarantine,
and take you seriously
I’ll help bend the spread.
I don’t want to be
the one left here
lost in the aftermath.
So a mask is the request,
by those who protect
the ones completely overwhelmed.
I hope you don’t mind,
if I stay inside,
I’ll avoid co-mingling with you.
I’ll keep my distance
6 feet to myself
because I don’t
want to infect you.

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