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The God’s very forcefully asked
show us love through your eyes.
Reluctantly, the camera she grabbed,
so unsure at the beginning,
just a bit of encouragement
the frames she photographed
instantly came to life.
Something as simple as,
a dramatic milk bath
the girl wrapped in red
beauty played with light and contrast
there in her luxurious bath.
A sheer sweater, very lightly draped
across her upturned breasts,
eyes are drawn into eyes, I swear.
Looking deeply into her lens,
each new series tells the story.
Juliette desperately on her bed,
a rusted pickup in the desert,
a brand new picture, a photograph.
The girl with her heavenly eye
seductively exploiting the scenery.
I can’t believe my eyes,
each time I get to sneak a peek
I see a little piece of her
in every pictured piece.


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