Romantic Drug

The biggest candlelit eyes,
locked while staring up,
she’s counting out loud again
waiting on the exact amount
drugs clutched in tightly
she takes my arm,
you’re stuck with me
she jabs the needle downward.
Romance has always been kind
poison lipstick and all
we’ll kiss these feelings away
tonight will be dangerous.

Going all in on a girl,
one who hates making promises
she has convinced me this time
a million times over please,
there has to be some other place
private where we can be alone.
Kneeling next to her perfume
a scent I’ve long since memorized.
I’m stuck with you, I say to her,
applying a shade in the mirror
holding onto the bend in her arm.
Tonight we plung
let them find us
eyes locked up into eyes.

For the hundredth time
I honestly don’t remember
her poisonous mouth with mine
we sing our favorite song.
Together, Romeo and Juliette
inch up super close
there’s something about tonight
clever words come cascading down
spoken all dramatically and
we laugh the nervousness away.
We start all over,
more lipstick please,
we’re being all serious.
Practice kissing me, she begs,
take your poison pill
bring your lips to mine.
Unsure if this plan will work
I kiss her dramatically hard,
almost as if,
this is it
tonight we’ll die
arm in arm.

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