Summer 2020

Heavy hands,
wanting that girl back,
in this, the playful season
the summer of 2020.
That cold insensitive look
coming from the girl
wearing black lipstick.
The night skies are all warm
perfect for keeping the windows open
and this is how the day starts
trying to beat the sunrise.
It’s summer now,
the girl is miserable
she never felt comfortable enough
showing off her size 8 curves.
With just one month to go,
I miss Ms.,
here on the back of another long day
I honestly don’t mind missing her
the craving is appreciated
here in my own memory fog
I’ve forgotten why
she left in the first place.
With summer more than half over,
I wouldn’t mind if,
it started all over again.
Soon she’ll return
move all her things back in
her dark and moody disposition
taking up more and more room,
but to be fair,
she’s an unbelievable giver
it’s a perfect hand in glove feeling.
I’ll put this away
and look forward to her return,
just as soon as summer is over.

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