Mismatched Socks

Accidental or otherwise

she was dancing as per usual

wearing mismatched socks,

pretty much nothing else

could divert my eyes from her.

I swore I wouldn’t

let her show up again

like some well meaning stranger

showing me this new move or step.

Innocent or otherwise

I may as well admit

I’ve signed myself over to her.

The night enveloped and twisted

she bragged and I listened

about her body structure photographs.

These miniature sets of strangers

traveling all over and across

her sensitive places.

There was something about

my insecure reaction

watching their hands touch her all over.

She’s always been in love

with my child-like sensitive side,

that’s only evident with her.

The harder I try and ignore her

she shows up hula hooping

in mismatched socks, in love

with beautiful you.

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