Temperature Code

The first and only look,
a one time glance coming from
the part of this girl
that pains her to stare.
The temperature code,
she swears,
she’s seen this look before,
tired of turning away
eyes are properly set up
inside of another hour
we don’t mind paying her price.
When she dances,
her perfume smothers the floor
and from the start of this
she’s spread herself all over and
it’s getting hard
to turn her down anymore.
The temperature code,
sits heavily underneath us both,
where a full moon keeps dripping
I can’t remember how or why
this girl got so close inside.
Here she is, none the less
we spend the night
against a set of hours that
take us back to a time
where we tripped and fell
landing perfectly
on an already made bed.
Eyed just very naturally stared,
without words this time
there with the perfect girl and
our temperature code.

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