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Up and In

Trying to outshine the outside light
on this, the special night.
I came forward and asked
would you mind if,
we sang in the dark?
We could trip and fall on top of
our perfect melody and all.
You’re so fucking beautiful.
I’ll carry you out across
whatever stage you choose,
my beloved superstar
with gold matching ringlets
everyone wants a piece of you.
We can stand here arm in arm
ignoring the long forgotten shadows,
just you with me because
you’re our brilliant guide.
The girl with a different side
of course we can kiss for an hour
spending heaps of our favorite hours
spoon sleeping together.
Let’s just lay here for a while
there is something about
when you pretended
we are untouched strangers
blind to love and that drunk side,
you let this girlish scream out
for that second, you’re weightless
I lift you up and in
we start falling all over again.


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