She adores having hands
taking control over her affections,
she’s somewhat lost
when it comes to hand holding.
With fistfuls of hair
she reaches and grabs
securing the very steps
that will steady her.
She raises her voice because
certain words have avoided her
she looks at her parents
that everlasting everything
escapes her.
She grips and holds on
to the words that come
from her wicked little tongue.
She trusts her beauty
will always call them to her
the summer of love making
she spends every moment
thinking how every minute
belongs only to her.
She’s forgotten how
her forever
has a way of twisting
the insides of others.
She looks back on that path
she still listens to songs
that help with her memory.
It’s still early in the moment
she truly feels it’s her time to shine
to truly fall in love.
Her today lover
has much to be thankful for
yesterday when she was learning
she held her breath
lost in our outspoken world.
Today she turns,
thinking of how her forever
has so much left…

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