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A Voice and A Promise

In the idle darkness
answers trickle to the surface
for now though,
one can’t breath underwater.
It’s getting easier
taking tiny sips of air,
no one hasn’t really noticed yet,
I was punched in the gut.
Forever is unlike anything else.
On the edge of relaxed dreaming
coming back to count and ask
a feeling like I want
to laugh and cry again.
Everything is coming all at once.
No one knows the inside
especially since,
we stopped speaking
like we took some
fucked up vow of silence.
Sometimes we need to be alone
I get that, I’ve had enough.
It’s the voice on the inside
saying words like;
a forever love, for always and ever, the one who completes and on and on.
Every other day
I swear and curse at the nothingness.
It’s hard to ignore
this clear and simple wish inside.
Wanting, the ache to go away
erase all thought, almost as if,
I never asked to be kissed.
Spending hours now trying to
re-glue the inner-brokenness,
when it’s no use really,
hands aren’t steady enough
to perfectly align
the tiny faults and cracks.
Oh this will never go away
along with the filter-less voice
that keeps reminding how
this is the hour where a vase inside
will shatter and break
on an already swept floor.


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