The Four Nights

The first of the four nights,
she dreams of the warm winds
and by clockwork they start.
Starting out slowly at first,
she walks barefoot enjoying the change
half of her looks at the horizon,
while that other side,
sees something coming over shoulder.
Heavily and on purpose
she loves and embraces change fully,
barely wearing anything of course
the girl begs for the winds to continue
wrap their hands around her.
That second night,
she dances in the music
it’s almost too loud,
too much coming too soon
she stumbles a bit
no one has taken any notice.
The girl and those hips,
she sips from 20 year old bottle,
with this luscious enviable mouth,
some start to notice her new look
her full figure struggles in the gusts.
The winds have gotten stronger
hands reach out and grab her,
she pushes back and stumbles
for a second time now
the third night starts out much different
instead of dancing by herself,
she wants the company of others
and from all sides and angles
the girl explores her darker side,
that unwanted side of hers
where she doesn’t deserve his love,
tortured by years of reading
and it’s only the third night.
Come morning, the winds are dangerous
everything is ripped and torn,
objects pass with deadly accuracy
roofs are torn from foundations,
still, she swears she understands
for a second there,
the skies quiet and open up,
everything is perfectly normal.
It’s just her touch we’ve ever wanted
but before she has time to reach
everything is permanently taken,
there’s no more hiding,
she stands in a field of debris
a bruised and damaged yard
where once there were houses.
The fourth night starts in chaos,
this terrible screaming howl is gone.
It’s a dead quiet silence,
standing there by herself,
she screams for someone
to come take her.
There in the belly of night
her dream lover fills every void,
the fire in her voice is quenched.
Down on knees and palms,
she’s finally satisfied.
The end of the fourth night,
she starts all over,
she picks herself up
heads to the beach with her kite.

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