The Fires Burn

Watching as the nightly sky fell,
today was our sad reminder
that our little mountain town
never really stood a chance.
Just yesterday skies were clear
we celabrated a Memorial holiday,
with clear skies that ruled the day.
Back then though,
we didn’t know of heartache
seeing the town go up in flames.
Hope was erased by an aftermath
ash kept raining down as our reminder
everything was about to go.
A torrential downpour of embers
flames destroyed everything they touched.
The memory of the tiny general store
standing in winter lines,
thankful back then,
to have a chance to buy lunch.
This Creek fire and its 2 million acres
have taken memories away,
like some huge eraser going across the page.
A sad candle burns for Shaver Lake and China Peak.
Sad to see them go
by a once in century fire
that raged for a second time today.
It’s more than just sadness, really,
living in this post apocolyotic world
where once mighty trees stood
reduced to a burnt and ashen hillside.
Come tomorrow though,
when the news moves on
the sun will rise to reveal
there’s nothing left to burn
on our beloved mountain anymore.
The Creek Fire rages out of control in Central California taking with it mountain towns of Huntington Lake, Shaver Lake and China Peak. Pray.

7 responses to “The Fires Burn”

  1. This is just devastating to see. Families up rooted, years of memories now only ashes in the air. I read there is a threat to China Peak’s magazine with 1,000 pounds of explosives used for avalanche control, that would be further destruction. It will take a century to replace the trees that now stand like burnt centurions. Living in the Smokey Mountains as I do now, I have a better understanding what fire of this magnitude can do. Prayers for all and that rain will come. 💔

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  2. So scary, i have friends in Oregon half of their city was just evacuated, she say it is hard to breathe, there is ash everywhere. They’re packed and ready to go if the wind change.

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