Artificial Love

Sentimental pictures
we work hard on capturing
most times, love sits somewhere else.
We’re often missing
that one stance or pose
always trying to line things up.
Come sit with me
here in this sterile room,
in real terms,
where we could trade ideas.
All we ever really wanted
was to be truly needed
to be in love.
Open your better set of eyes
negotiate your path differently
with reckless abandon
there are no consequences.
Think about never having to ask
for the very thing you want,
and if by chance we slip up
we can always get an exact replica
with no questions asked.
If I let you get under my skin
would you promise to go to work
go to the damaged places
stop at nothing to fix and mend
be my very own skilled surgeon.
You could make me automatic,
I’d be able to answer your questions
with no hesitation,
I’d spit information.
Maybe then, it would be a match,
a day in which
everything would naturally fall in
its a perfect place to me.
So what if we don’t understand
the consequences of reprogramming
we’d already know everything
in the span of that one handsome day
we could be in love
forget yesterday,
and then tomorrow
reset the code
start over.

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