Bless Me Father

Even on a perfect day
there are moments to remember,
from the start of it all
it’s hard to feel brand new
when everyone expects the same outcome.
Come hold my my hand,
I’ll show you
there is this place
far from what you’re thinking.
I can only count on myself
so I’ve seen things differently
down on broken knees to palms
I’d love to show you this other side.
Kneel next to me,
so we can pretend to pray,
pray in their way with head down
chanting the same old lyrics.
Tonight I want you to see
we could give life to other words,
so in other words,
I want to show you an exotic world
from the back row of the church.
Rows and rows of busy seats
sit so unused and ready
with plenty of room.
I’m begging you,
come explore every inch
back there where no one cares
if you want to dance,
that dance of yours.
Let hips move around the psalms
I’ll be sure to focus the light,
until we hear,
the church bells explode
killing the quiet night.
When midnight stirs,
we’d be free to escape
like the biggest rush
running through filling streets,
of course we’d tiptoe behind the crowds,
who were wondering
exactly who
had used their church.

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