Temperature Code

The fever swears
fingers grip and clutch hard,
it’s getting impossible to breathe.
A better way is out there somewhere
still, we can’t turn, not until
we have a satisfactory answer.
Would you mind
if we prayed together?
Come join me on sensitive elbows
recite words about heaven
that glorious supposed better place,
I’m here to argue
this is where you belong.
Here on earth
where so many things are wrong
your work isn’t done
too many hurt
they haven’t quite felt
how it feels when you look in eyes.
For the first time
I don’t mind telling you
you’re selfish if you leave us
we’ll clutch and pray even harder
if it meant you’d stay longer.
Even when there’s no reason
you should just stay longer
because I can’t breathe
when I go searching for you
I hyperventilate trying to find you.
Believe me when I say
this is not your big escape.
The strength in us,
all of us, trying to keep you.
We’re here locked arm in arm
stumbling over each hour.
None of us truly know
how to properly pray
but we take turns
trying to convince you
to just stay.

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