Temporary Love

After all,
today is the moment of truth,
with no two ways about it,
it’s getting harder and harder
this thing I’m trying to explain.
There are some girls who complain
about people and their reactions,
like an obvious infection,
that’s sometimes hard to expel.
So perhaps this irrational love feature,
most likely genomed in the male DNA
simply can’t be taken away.
From the start and inside that garden
a girl found herself in Eden
where she unfairly took the blame
for eating a forbidden fruit.
All that I’m saying,
instead of fighting,
this love inside,
give in and make him
go get the apple
so we can see if the girl
can truly refuse to eat.
I’m sure her cunning
will make it impossible
for us to truly know
if she really ever would
commit to taking a bite.

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