First Times

The early years are so easily wasted

the spent lovers lie in the naked streets.

Bodies hang loosely over each other,

a bitter taste of nicotine stains their lips.

Still, those two crave even more

much more than the other can give.

There has been light constant rain

calling for their kissing hour to start.

Heavily inside her mouth,

she moves her tongue against the girl

they somehow press softly into the other

this is will be there cherished moment

while fingertips so effortlessly trace.

She swears like never before,

underneath their sheltered blanket

they start to take turns.

Where one has hands made of feathers,

and a body that is barely there, and still

she begs to be scooped up

to be completely taken.

While the other may have clumsy hands

accidentally catching or pulling hair,

her round curves are but perfection

clumsy or inexperienced matters little now.

One cannot predict how this will end.

Time and attention

they will forever swear

lying drunk and naked

isolated in each other’s arms.

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